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I’m German Ramirez – a digital pioneer with a passion for authentic branding and digital strategies, along with razor-sharp marketing insights. I bring 25 years of deep experience in educating, inspiring and encouraging clients and audiences across the full spectrum, from students to startups to corporations. Oh, and I do it all in three languages (at least).

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When you choose me as your keynote speaker, you can expect a customized experience that perfectly aligns with your objectives. I take the time to understand your audience and tailor my presentation to fit your needs, ensuring it resonates deeply with everyone in the room. Let's create an unforgettable event together.

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Keynote speaker

My spotlight is your lightbulb moment.

“A great speaker should inspire, engage, entertain, enlighten and enthuse their audience. Otherwise they are just making noise.” Right? I am a digital pioneer and global thought leader in branding, digital communications, and implementing digital strategies in corporations. As a keynote speaker I cover topics including emerging technologies, marketing and branding, social media, or personal branding.


Strategy & consulting, training & coaching

I work with household name corporations to raise their game on social media, digital strategy, Web3 and more. And I work with individuals to polish their shine and let the world know what makes them awesome. Whether in a structured workshop or a completely customized consultancy package, I can help with everything from finding (and telling) your story to building its strategic foundation. 

Personal branding coach

What do you want to be famous for?

Like it or not, with employment in constant flux, now you’re always selling yourself (or falling behind). I’ll help you see yourself as a brand, and find the right market fit. Don’t worry, this will be fun.

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Ready to own your own personal brand?

Developing your personal brand means polishing the shine of your full, authentic self, getting you to your goals (and beyond). I’m here to make that happen.


Don’t just take my word for it.

I’m proud of what I achieve and I’m not shy to tell you about it. But you might prefer to hear it directly from my past clients. 

"I have had the privilege to join a one-day hands-on workshop with German Ramirez, who shared his knowledge on social media in a highly engaging way. This was a workshop which was really exciting as the different tips and tricks were demonstrated in life-mode."

Jan Imbusch
Head of Sourcing and Supplier Management

"German was a key driver for successfully establishing and launching a Social Media Competence Center, and continue to add great value in supporting teams to build business cases and providing training in Social Media topics. I appreciate their open and direct communication style, being pragmatic in the approach and constructive in the discussion.”

Christian Sebregondi
Global Head of Web Solutions

"I had the pleasure to work with German on several occasions. I highly value his profound digital know how, his visionary way of thinking and his ability to put complex topics across in an easy and infotaining way. He is an excellent speaker and very pleasant to work with."

Barbara Müry
Head of Social Media Management

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“Highly recommend these courses”

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This is where you can find me, to hear more of my thoughts or share your own. Let’s connect. 


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