First you’ll laugh. Then you’ll learn.

I have a lot to say – and I promise you’ll enjoy hearing it! For two decades I’ve been inspiring audiences across Europe, North America and Asia, on topics ranging from emerging technologies to the future of work. 

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What sets me apart?

My ability to establish a genuine connection with the crowd. Through the power of storytelling, humor, and interactive engagement, I create an immersive experience that keeps everyone in the audience engaged and present.

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When you choose me as your keynote speaker, you can expect a customized experience that perfectly aligns with your objectives. I take the time to understand your audience and tailor my presentation to fit your needs, ensuring it resonates deeply with everyone in the room. Let's create an unforgettable event together.


What’s it all about?

I can talk about a lot of things, but these get me really excited. I’ll get you excited too. 

Technology & humanity

Technology & humanity: a love story in 13 acts.
Technology has stormed into our lives and changed us profoundly. This keynote identifies the latest technological trends and how they affect us and brings them across in one compelling and thought-provoking story flow.

The third and last digital revolution.
We are heading towards a world, a society and economy of completely empowered, emancipated individuals, connected in autonomous networks. The rise of the “homo economicus”. In this keynote, you will discover how we got here and what the key is to learn how to handle that power…

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Personal Branding

Welcome to the supermarket of people. Digital technologies are transforming our careers and our presence in the job market. Today, whether you have a job or not, you are a candidate. The future of employment does not lie in indefinite employment contracts. That model will die. It is therefore essential to define, establish, build and grow your personal Brand. In this keynote, you will gain and understanding of what at has changed in the way companies and employees relate to one other, how the future of work will look like and how to grow your chances of success by defining and building your personal brand in four steps: Establish, research, connect and engage.

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The new customer

The customer is no longer the king. The customer is now the president.There is a new type of customer out there. Companies and brands need to accept it, understand it, and finally transform their go-to market strategies to succeed in gaining customers’ business and loyalty in the digital age. This keynote by German Ramirez shines a light into the true digital driven paradigm shift: WHY digital & social media are transforming our businesses and what the key digital trends driving transformation in marketing, branding and communication are. Ultimately, it provides a helpful guide to building brands in the digital age, what companies and brands have to do to be successful today and how to develop a winning digital and social media strategy.

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The future of work

The way we work is changing. The role of work in our lives is changing. Our relationship towards a career is changing… We are in the midst of a profound transformation and companies will have to rapidly adapt to this new reality in the making. This keynote analyses the main four triggers for this transformation and looks into the current reality and -in contrast- what the required response is to succeed in light of this paradigm shift.

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The future will be decentralized - but how?

In a world where blockchain technology, crypto, and decentralized initiatives are disrupting the conventional approaches toward our digital existence, understanding the depth and dynamics of Web3 is not only pivotal but essential. During my Web3 keynotes, i will explore the innovative world of the decentralized web, understanding how blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and dApps are revolutionizing the digital space by enabling a user-centric internet, improving security, and providing new possibilities for ownership and monetization. And most importantly, what it takes to reach mass adaption.

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Do not underestimate the power of a common mission!

Purpose-driven leadership prioritizes a commitment to a meaningful mission beyond profit, aligning teams around a shared, impactful goal and motivating leaders with a deep sense of meaning and positive global impact. My keynotes will explore the importance of anchoring leadership practices around a meaningful mission, exploring strategies to align organizational efforts beyond profit, and the positive impact this approach can have on the world and within the organization. Are you ready to go beyond profit?

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People like you and me!

Marius Gafner

"German is an authentic & inspiring person and brings his experience as a digital and social pioneer to his audience. He is able to bring complex content to the point and adds stickiness to his messages with his broad storytelling skills and entertainment qualities. A real eye-opener and inspiring!"

Marius Gafner
Maria Podzun

“German is a highly motivated individual, extremely creative and very service oriented. He is results driven and always gives and expects 200% performance. His broad and diversified professional experience coupled with his incredible knowledge of several languages makes him a valuable contributor to one's team."

Maria Cristina Donescu-Podzun
Dorina (Thiess) Bührle

“German brought incredible value to our prospective student founders during one-to-one consulting sessions on online marketing, business development, and branding and gave immense personal insights and shared his valuable experiences. His guest lectures were always a success!"

Dorina (Thiess) Bührle
Martin Uetz

“German is a true inspiration. His passion, drive and constant curiosity for understanding how technology evolves lights the fire in other people. Don't work with German if you are looking for a stable and gradual progression of your knowledge or your business. He will disrupt - and you should listen to that."

Martin Uetz
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Coming soon!

Developing your personal brand means polishing the shine of your full, authentic self, getting you to your goals (and beyond).

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First you’ll laugh. Then you’ll learn. I have a lot to say – and I promise you’ll enjoy hearing it! Bare with me - i will release my online courses soon.

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Don’t just take my word for it. 

I’m proud of what I do and I’m not shy to tell you about it. But you might prefer to hear it directly from my past audiences.

"German is a genius! His depth of knowledge and expertise of social media and digital marketing are truly impressive. Yet he can make it informative, accessible and interesting, even to the terrified and technophobic."

Hilary Frazer
Director of Recruitment & Talent Management

"Right from the first few minutes of working together, German lit a fire of enthusiasm in us… We would hire him again any time.”

Martin Erb
Managing Director Alphabet, BMW Group

"German is a true inspiration. His passion, drive and constant curiosity for understanding how technology evolves lights the fire in other people. Don't work with German if you are looking for a stable and gradual progression of your knowledge or your business. He will disrupt - and you should listen to that."

Martin Uetz
Strategy, Planning & Transformation | Europe, Middle East, Africa

Beyond the showmanship, I actually have a lot of real marketing and branding expertise.

I have taught courses and appeared as a guest lecturer at leading tertiary institutions including the University of St. Gallen, ETH Zürich, CEIBS, La Salle, HWZ Zurich and ESADE Business School, inspiring future business leaders and tech founders. So you can trust that I know what I’m talking about. 

"I have great pleasure in recommending German Ramirez as an inspiring and motivating trainer within the field of social media, personal branding and digital marketing. It is the combination of expertise and his authentic behavior as a role model which are unique and which guarantee great learning during his trainings or workshops. My team much appreciated our half day workshop conducted by German."

Martin Ghisletti

"German Ramirez has an impressive strategic and digital know-how, which he manages to convey in a highly engaging way. His passion and style paired with his focus on business results make him a powerful lecturer and coach.”

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik

“German Ramirez has proven, several times, that he is an excellent keynote speaker. As a visiting professor at the Social Media Branding and Strategy Master Course at BES La Salle Barcelona, he always gets excellent marks from our students due to his professional savoir faire, his inspiring leadership and his expertise in international digital strategy. Thanks Germán for inspiring people’s careers!”

Prof. Dr. Gemma Vallet
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Ready? What can I do for you?

If you do not think your topics is covered here on my offering, but it is still very close to it: get in touch and let us discuss your needs. 

Digital world

Everyone’s online. Where are you?

This is where you can find me, to hear more of my thoughts or share your own. Let’s connect. 


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